psychedelic ted talks

For a long time, psychedelics were highly stigmatized, illegal to research, and dangerous to talk about. Scientists, researchers, and psychologists would need to remain “in the closet” about their interest in psychedelics, lest they ruin their career. Today, thankfully, that situation has changed.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a resurgence in psychedelic research and a broad interest in their applications. On the stage of the TED conference, one of the most popular series of lectures on technology, education and design, we now have many great presentations that speak to the power and importance of the psychedelic experience. Check our our list below for psychedelic TED talks by Rick Doblin, Graham Hancock, Roland Griffiths, and many more.

Rick Doblin

The future of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy


Graham Hancock

DMT, Life after Death & Consciousness


Rosalind Watts

Can Magic Mushrooms Unlock Depression?


Robin Carhart-Harris

Psychedelics: Lifting the Veil


Mark Haden

Psychedelics: Past, Present and Future


David Nutt

How Can Illegal Drugs Help our Brains


Peter Sjostedt-H

Consciousness and Psychedelics


David Erritzøe

Psychedelics: Exploring the Brain


Stephen Bright

The Psychedelic Renaissance


Simeon Keremedchiev

Psychedelics: Effects on the Human Brain and Physiology