Psychedelic Treatments for Cluster Headaches

  Most of the time when we think about how psychedelics can help people, we think about how these medicines can assist with spiritual growth and the treatment of mental afflictions like PTSD and anxiety, or how they help people with addictions to more harmful drugs like alcohol, tobacco, and heroin regain control of their […]

New Ketamine Research Points to Wide-Ranging Therapeutic Potential

Ketamine, the dissociative anesthetic oft associated with rave culture, has recently piqued the interest of the scientific and medical community. Small studies have pointed to the drug’s allegedly incredible effectiveness as an antidepressant, but comprehensive medical research is still needed to produce definitive conclusions. What we can say with certainty is that ketamine research is […]

Ayahuasca Appropriation and the Divine Feminine: A Conversation with Eleonora Molnar

Western culture has given rise to many great achievements in the realms of democracy, science, and technology, yet in its shadow lurks epidemics of addiction, depression, and environmental degradation. It’s going to take a massive shift in perspective and behavior to address these profound issues, and entheogenic substances like ayahuasca seem poised to play a […]