After the Ceremony Ends: An Interview with Dr. Katherine Coder Pt. 1

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Integration is a buzzword in the plant medicine community, and an integral piece of the journey when working with psychedelics. Intentional and responsible use, without a shadow of a doubt, includes focused time and energy following a ceremony to integrate the experience. But what does this really mean? As advocates for a deeper understanding of […]

The Timothy Leary Project: Interview with Jennifer Ulrich

Few figures in psychedelic history have been as inflammatory and influential as Timothy Leary. As a pioneer in early psychedelic research he was among the first to scientifically validate the transformational power of the psychedelic experience, but as an outspoken “LSD guru” who challenged authority, he manifested a heavy-handed crackdown on psychedelics that persisted for […]

LSD Provokes Synesthetic Hallucinations in a Congenitally Blind Man

We’ve long known about the profound visual effects that humans can experience when under the influence of psychedelic substances, but until now we haven’t had much insight into how they affect those of us without vision. However, a new case report published in this month’s issue of the scientific journal Consciousness and Cognition has expanded […]