Transcendental Journeys and Psychedelic Spirituality: Interview with Torsten Klimmer

Artist, filmmaker and activist Torsten Klimmer (aka Omananda) has lead a fascinating life. From a harrowing escape from communist East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall, to a barefoot sojourn across India interviewing sadhus, to living with the peyote-imbibing Huichols in Mexico as an activist, Torsten’s eclectic travels have interwoven politics, psychedelics, spirituality, […]

Continuing Further Education with Psychedelics

Many psychonauts are interested in studying psychedelics in academia, but since there isn’t a well-defined path tread by multitudes of other students, deciding how to go about it can be quite a challenge. There are certainly success stories of people who have made a career for themselves out of working in the field of psychedelics, […]

Cannabis Crunch Monthly — What’s In Store For Marijuana In 2018

Every month, Psychedelic Times will bring you a few of the most interesting, overlooked cannabis stories that we come across. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep in the loop on marijuana and psychedelic news. It may have been a landmark year for marijuana reform, but now that 2017 is dead, it’s time to look ahead to what the new […]

Iranian Religious Authority Considers Psychedelic Medicines Halāl

More than three years ago, Iran’s top religious leader issued a legal degree (known as a fatwā) OK’ing the use of psychedelic medicine under expert supervision, a decision that received little to no media coverage, but has big implications. In mid-March 2014, Sayyed Mohammad Sadeq Hussaini Rohani, who is a Grand Ayatollah (meaning the highest […]