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Legalization of Cannabis Proposed [In Iceland] — Iceland Review

A member of Iceland’s parliament has proposed a bill that would legalize marijuana, setting up a framework for sales, production and distribution of all things weed. Approximately one thousand people are put into cages each year in Iceland for cannabis-related offenses. But this bill would change all that, allowing anyone 20 and up to purchase marijuana from small “cannabis restaurants.” Talk about Northern Lights!

Peru Could Legalize Medical Marijuana This Year — Leafly

Not to be outdone, the Peruvian Congress will soon decide on a medical marijuana bill that would give patients access to a plant that treats epilepsy, cancer, glaucoma and numerous other conditions. The measure comes on the heels of a February police raid that targeted an underground cannabis lab managed by several mothers trying to treat their children.

According to one poll, only 13% of Peruvians are in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana, but 65% favor the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

Kentucky Judge Dismisses Challenge of Medical Marijuana Ban — Associated Press

Remember that judge from Kentucky who was questioning the validity of his state’s draconian marijuana laws? (We wrote about him here.) Turns out the guy just didn’t care enough and dismissed the challenge to Kentucky’s medical marijuana ban. Judge Thomas Wingate’s only suggestion was to try the state’s legislative process. Thanks for nothing, Wingate. Meanwhile, 29 other states continue to recognize that marijuana is medicinal.

Arizona State Will Pay To Get You High For New Study — The Fresh Toast

If you want to make $95—AND get high—Arizona State University has the perfect deal for you. Really, this posting says it all:


“Researchers from the ASU Department of Psychology are looking for medical marijuana users between the ages of 18-30 with an Arizona medical marijuana card to participate in a study. The study compares the immediate effects of your at-home use of different types of marijuana and takes approximately 10 hours over the course of 1 week. During that week, you will be asked to come to the lab for a two hour visit, and you will receive several text messages per day asking you to complete short surveys related to your marijuana use and marijuana effects. Participation is voluntary.”

Marijuana Education Program Gets Axed By University of Maryland — also The Fresh Toast

Meanwhile, on the exact opposite side of the spectrum, the University of Maryland’s School of Pharmacy is shutting down a medical marijuana training program due to fear of federal law. Which is, of course, about money, as most universities readily accept federal funding. Even though medical marijuana is legal in Maryland—except edibles for some reason—school officials still aren’t taking any chances. And that’s quite a shame.

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