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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to Open in Texas by Early 2018 — Chron

Yes, really. Texas, one of the most rigid, stubborn and backwards states when it comes to progressive pot politics, is finally getting on board with a Texas medical marijuana program. Well, sorta.

The Compassionate Use Act was signed into law in 2015, but it only allows for CBD, a non-psychoactive extract of cannabis, and it only applies to those with intractable epilepsy. Also, doctors have to agree that this treatment is a last resort for patients- and oh yeah, this dispensary isn’t really a storefront, it’s just a delivery hub. So Texas’ medical marijuana program really doesn’t allow for much marijuana, only treats one condition, and is a far cry from the dispensary models in California. Sigh. At least it’s something.

7 Arrested in San Diego Medical Marijuana Delivery Sting — High Times

Unlike many other parts of California, medical marijuana delivery services are illegal in San Diego County. This week, the local sheriff’s department wasted time and money to catch delivery drivers by posing as patients and arresting the drivers when they arrived outside a country club. Meanwhile, there are approximately 2500 untested rape kits in SDPD’s evidence lockers, so this was definitely a worthwhile use of tax dollars.

49 First Nations Investing in Medical Pot — Timmins Press

Marijuana is about to be big in Canada, as the North American country looks to legalize recreational adult use. But Native American groups are also looking to become a part of the burgeoning medical cannabis industry.

“This is the medicine and the focus that we’re bringing as First Nations peoples. We believe that all plants have usage and we understood for many years that this plant is a medicine, and we want to make sure that First Nations, Indigenous world views are brought to this industry, that this industry doesn’t turn into a tobacco industry where it’s all about profits and commercialization. We want to focus on creating significant change in our health industry,” Jonathan Araujo of the Pontiac Group told Timmins Press.

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New Zealand to Hold Cannabis Referendum Within Three Years — BBC

The newly-elected prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has promised to hear the voices of New Zealanders concerning recreational marijuana. Ardern has expressed that cannabis users should not be thrown in jail (what a concept), but wants to hear what voters think…in three years. Well, hurry up and wait, I guess.

DOJ Admits It Isn’t Legal To Keep Prosecuting Washington State Medical Marijuana Users — Huffington Post

In 2012, five Washington residents were arrested for growing 70 marijuana plants, something that was 100 percent legal under state law. However, the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which was passed in 2014, prohibits the federal government from prosecuting state-level marijuana offenses (not that this was technically an offense). Finally, after five years of battling this in court, the Kettle Falls Five, as the defendants came to be known, have had their case thrown out.

Maybe this case will make it even harder for Jeff Sessions and company to go after states with medical marijuana programs.

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