Kambo may be an effective treatment against the herpes virus.

Kambo may be an effective treatment against the herpes virus. Image Source: Wikimedia user Patho.

Having suffered personally from oral herpes, finding alternative treatments for this challenging ailment is particularly important to me. For the past ten years, I have experienced the physical pain of outbreaks, the social stigma surrounding the virus, and the concern of passing it on to those I love, especially my children. Luckily, I have a relatively minor strain of the virus and my outbreaks have become more infrequent and manageable. But for those with more aggressive strains, it is paramount to find a cure, efficient suppression system, or vaccine for herpes. Unfortunately, more strains of the virus are becoming resistant to the traditional treatment with Acyclovir and little headway has been made with alternative treatment options. But there is one very promising treatment that comes from an unlikely place: the venom of frogs in the Amazon rain forest.

Kambo, the medicine made from this venom, contains the peptide Dermaseptin, which has been isolated as a potentially effective antiviral that works against both Herpes Simplex 1 and 2. At the moment, the mechanics of this peptide are still vague, but there are several ways that kambo—or the isolated peptide—may be able to mitigate the effects of herpes and prevent future outbreaks.

Kambo as a Preventative Vaccine

Indigenous tribes traditionally use kambo regularly as a preventative measure throughout pregnancy, childhood, and adult life. This contrasts with how it is currently used in Western society, which usually involves a single treatment or a short series of treatments rather than continual ceremonies. But the continual, preventative approach of indigenous tribes may hold some secrets as to why kambo can reduce the spread of the herpes infection.

Studies have shown that dermaseptin is most effective against free-herpes viruses as opposed to once the virus has already bonded to nerves. Although it may be able to reduce the amount of herpes once it has attached to a host cell, it works best by preventing the bonding altogether in people who have not already contracted the disease and allowing the virus to be washed out of your system. However, it is unclear how long dermaseptin remains active in the human body after it is administered, which may be why kambo requires multiple, continuous treatments to remain effective.

And while dermaseptin has been isolated as the most important peptide in kambo when it comes to treating herpes, researchers are still working to understand how much kambo’s other bioavailable peptides could increase the efficiency of dermaseptin by potentially infiltrating target nerves or attacking more mature herpes viruses. As scientists continue exploring how dermaseptin works in conjunction with kambo’s other peptides, they may be able to isolate a combination of peptides that provides a permanent, effective vaccine against herpes.

Reducing Herpes Outbreaks and the Spreading of Herpes

Although dermaseptin was shown to be most effective in the early stages of infection, it was still somewhat effective after the virus had attached to nerves. While dermaseptin may not be able to completely eradicate an already established infection, it could potentially prevent the virus from actively reproducing and spreading. This means that, along with preventative treatments, kambo may provide some relief to those currently suffering from herpes, possibly by reducing the number or severity of outbreaks or curbing an outbreak if you catch it early enough.

If you’re hoping to use kambo to treat a herpes infection, always do so under the guidance of a trained professional. When looking for such a practitioner, it is a good idea to find someone with specific experience treating herpes. They will be more knowledgeable about dose amounts, frequency of application, and location of application—all of which can influence the treatment’s effectiveness. You may also look for a practitioner who utilizes meridian-specific placement, which uses the natural energy flow of the body—based on nerves, muscles, and blood flow—to encourage the kambo to reach specific problem areas. Practitioners with meridian training will likely know the best placement points for kambo to reach the nerves that host herpes in your body.

Eliminating Herpes After Exposure

One of the greatest potentials for kambo as a treatment option against herpes is protecting those who have recently been exposed to the virus. Because it is unclear how long dermaseptin remains active in your body, taking kambo immediately after exposure to herpes may be more effective than using it continuously as a vaccine. However, for this to work, a kambo treatment would need to be pursued before the virus was able to attach to your nerves—within hours or days of exposure. If you think you have been exposed to herpes recently but have not yet experienced an outbreak, you should talk to a kambo practitioner about the possibility of an emergency kambo session. This approach would be best if you had already undergone an initial treatment with kambo and prepared for the experience. After all, kambo can be a somewhat challenging experience physically and can require significant mental preparation before your first ceremony. After you have participated in a ceremony with a trusted practitioner, you will know what to expect and be able to arrange an emergency anti-herpes treatment more quickly.

Living with herpes is annoying at best and, at its worst, it is painful and isolating. A cure for herpes could help keep the virus under control and prevent future generations from suffering the recurring, endless herpes outbreaks that many in our current generation deal with. Researchers are only beginning to understand how the bio-available peptides in kambo work together to prevent and cure various diseases. While research may eventually lead to a more effective vaccine or treatment that can specifically target herpes, it is a good idea to be aware that traditional kambo treatments may still be able to offer more immediate relief in a variety of forms. To learn more about kambo treatments for herpes, you should talk with a trained kambo professional. And for those located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the staff at Psychedelic Times can help put you in contact with a skilled kambo practitioner.