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Kambo Retreats

Book A Kambo Ceremony with Joe and Lana Joe Mattia and Lana Baumgartner are the founders of Psychedelic Times and received their certification from the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP) in 2016. The IAKP...

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Kambo FAQ

What is Kambo? Kambo is the secretion of the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog, also known as Phyllomedusa bicolor, which is the scientific name. Some also refer to Kambo as Sapo, the Brazilian word for frog. What research has been...

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Kambo is a substance that comes from frog secretion, and for many indigenous cultures in the Amazon, this purgative, immunity-boosting medicine is very important. Known in Portuguese as the “vaccine of the forest,” it has also...

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