Why Psychedelic Therapy?

Psychotherapists and recovery specialists are harnessing the transcendent power of psychedelics to treat mood disorders, substance addiction, and much more.

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Underground Ayahuasca: Discussing Pitfalls and Therapeutic Potential with Dr. Rachel Harris

Both underground ayahuasca use and legitimate ayahuasca research face many challenges in North America today, and not just because of the brew’s illegality. Would-be psychonauts who choose to take ayahuasca in the US face the challenges of finding a legitimate source and self-managing an extremely intense psychological experience often without any therapeutic support. Scientists hoping […]

Psychedelic vs Psycholytic Therapy: What’s the Difference?

As psychedelic therapy continues to make news as the next breakthrough treatment for ailments like PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction, many people may wonder how psychedelic therapy actually work and what it entails. The answer is: it depends! The Western use of psychedelics for psychotherapeutic purposes has a long and rich history going back 7 […]

Are Psychedelics Medicine? Understanding the Safety & Therapeutic Value of Psychedelics

For anyone skeptical of the mental health benefits of psychedelics, hearing them referred to as “medicine” is sure to cause eye-rolling. Since the late 1960’s, psychedelics have been portrayed as dangerous, frivolous, and inherently anti-establishment. Any self-respecting adult would surely avoid taking psychedelics for fear of going crazy or jumping off a building. From the […]

Listening to Ayahuasca: Interview with Dr. Rachel Harris

What happens when an agnostic research scientist and psychotherapist hears a voice from a plant spirit? In the case of Dr. Rachel Harris, it lead to a puzzling but beautiful personal relationship with the ayahuasca vine and a decade of work investigating the lasting effects of ayahuasca use in North America. Dr. Harris’ new book […]

The Scientific Evidence for Using Ketamine to Treat Acute and Chronic Depression

One of the biggest downfalls in the conventional treatment of depression is the amount of time it takes for the drugs to take effect. Conventional antidepressants like SSRIs largely target the serotonin system—which has long been thought to be the hormone responsible for depression—but the medical community acknowledges that these medicines are far from ideal. […]

Why Decriminalization Is the Harm Reduction Tactic We Need to Treat Society’s Drug Problem

In 1977, Kenya imposed a nationwide hunting ban in response to illegal poaching that was depleting the country’s elephant populations. Zimbabwe was facing a similar problem, but instead of a ban, they did nothing. The next decade showed a contradictory lesson in economics and sociology: Kenya’s elephant population continued to drop dramatically, almost 90%, while […]