Why Psychedelic Therapy?

Psychotherapists and recovery specialists are harnessing the transcendent power of psychedelics to treat mood disorders, substance addiction, and much more.

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The Future of Designer Cannabis: Interview with Josh of Level Blends

Cannabis is big news these days—with state legalization initiatives and expanding mainstream cultural acceptance—but what many don’t realize is that our scientific understanding of this plant and our ability to harness its full potential is still in its infancy. One company that is setting out to improve our understanding of cannabis is Level Blends, a […]

The Spiritual and Therapeutic Benefits of Icaros Songs in an Ayahuasca Ceremony

Timothy Leary wrote that set and setting—the physical environment and psycho-emotional state of an individual during a psychedelic experience—are perhaps the most important factors in how beneficial the experience is for a given person. Psychedelic medicines can open the door to self-healing and a deeper understanding of the world, but the potency—and potential pitfalls—of these […]