Why Psychedelic Therapy?

Psychotherapists and recovery specialists are harnessing the transcendent power of psychedelics to treat mood disorders, substance addiction, and much more.

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Achieving the “Set” in Set and Setting: 4 Principles to Make the Most of Your Psychedelic Experience

When I recently had the opportunity to talk with a psychedelic integration specialist, we discussed all kinds of topics—addiction, anxiety, mindfulness, and, of course, psychedelic experiences. With several years under his belt as a recovery coach and integration specialist for Being True to You, John Bodine has talked to many people about their psychedelic journeys, […]

How the DEA’s Attempt to Reschedule Kratom Could Endanger Public Health and Addiction Treatment

When the DEA announced their sudden decision to classify kratom as a Schedule 1 substance earlier this summer, people went into an uproar. Practitioners, scientists, and even politicians threw their weight into the fight to delay the emergency rescheduling of the plant many use to treat addiction. Some of the backlash—a letter to the DEA […]