Becoming Certified in Recovery & Psycho-Spiritual Coaching: Interview with Deanne Adamson

  For those who are interested in making psychedelic integration and recovery coaching a full or part-time vocation, our friends and colleagues at Being True to You are offering their annual Addiction Recovery & Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Coaching Certification program starting on June 2nd. This program provides in-depth education on how to best support people before […]

What is Psychedelic Group Coaching? Interview with Deanne Adamson of Being True to You

  It’s wonderful that psychedelics are finally being recognized for their psychological healing potential, but it is also important to humbly acknowledge that our culture is literally thousands of years behind others in terms of understanding the nuances and best practices of working with these medicines. New insights and potential areas for growth are constantly […]

The Legendary Psychedelic Symposium Returns at ESPD50: Interview with Dennis McKenna

  In January 1967 ethnobotanists and neuroscientists gathered together in San Francisco, California to discuss the exotic psychedelic substances that explorers were finding in use in indigenous cultures around the world. The Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs (ESPD) was the first psychedelic conference of its kind and was funded by the US government, happening just […]